Let's Bridge the gap between "accountant" lingo and tangible business action together.

We combine the numbers from your dental practice software, financial statements, and payroll reports to create dental-specific, easy to read reports to identify key areas of opportunity within your dental practice and take it to the next level.

Reporting & Analytics

Beautiful, easy to read monthly reporting so you can stay on top of your numbers each month. We love creating custom reporting.

1 on 1 Consulting

Financial coaching calls designed to really dig into your practice and identify opportunities to grow your business.

Event Opportunities

Invite Jake to coach ant your next live event or team event. We love talking to groups of dentists AND team members.

Custom Analysis

Looking to get a pulse on your practice in the form of one-time reporting and analysis? We offer a one-time analysis that can be used for valuation ranges and negotiation.

Why Custom
Practice Analytics

Custom Practice Analytics was designed for Dental Practices to highlight areas of opportunity, offer insight and decision making all using the numbers from your dental practices. We can show you and your team areas of improvement comparing real data to targeted KPI’s (key performance indicator). Once symptoms are identified, we search for the cause, ultimately leading to an actionable solution through coaching sessions and “outside of the box” strategies.

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Benjamin M. Kacos DMD, MICOI

I have been a client of Custom Practice Analytics and Jake Conway for 5+ years. The easy to digest information provided by them plays a critical role in the operation of our business. We look to Jake and his reporting before making any decisions i.e. equipment purchases, hiring, marketing budgets. The reports keep my entire team abreast of our performance and accountable.

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K. Pat Brown, DDS

Jake Conway's unparalleled insight into dental analytics has been the cornerstone of my current success as a dental business owner. In the past, I felt I was a successful dentist but a failure as a dental business owner. With Jakes help my profitability has far exceeded what I thought was possible. Where as all of Jake's predecessors in the dental analytics world have only observed, accepted and reported their findings, Jake is constantly disrupting the status quo. Over the past 9 years that I have worked with Jake, he has continually found ways to drive down my overhead and alerted me as to metrics within the practice triggering expansion opportunities. His genius is in how he collates and transfers so much data into a simple digestible format that even a dumb ass like me can understand.

Dr. Summer Kassmel
Dr. Summer Kassmel

I never realized how impactful fully understanding my numbers would be to the overall health of my dental offices. I don’t make decisions based on feelings anymore, including raises, bonuses, marketing costs, or purchasing new technology. Jake has always been patient in teaching what each number means and what I can do to improve our overall profitability. He thoroughly understands the nuances of dental offices, staffing issues, and team dynamics and helps guide business owners to increased financial health as well as improved personal well being. Jake has been a huge factor in my business’ financial growth and my own financial freedom.

our mission

“To provide accurate information, guidance and support while cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships with as many business owners and their organizations as possible”