Dental Business Analytics

Custom Practice Analytics is tailored to the private dental practice owner. We thrive on developing personal and unique relationships with each of our clients. In our conversations, we will rely heavily on our Symptom-Cause-Solution approach to identify areas of opportunity in your practice. With guidance, support and coaching, we offer up solutions to decrease your stress, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

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Find the Identity of your Dental Practice

It starts with clarity and awareness - awareness of where you are now and and clarity of where you want to go next. Custom Practice Analytics is here help you to bridge the gap from where you are now to the version of your practice and yourself you are seeking.

  • Understanding cash flow
  • Awareness of what is driving overhead
  • Opportunities to increase profitability
  • Practice valuation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Personal development plan
  • Clarity and awareness

The Guesswork Stops Here.

Enter Custom Practice Analytics. We help you uncover opportunities to increase efficiency and impact profitability of your dental practice at an accelerated speed with three simple steps.

symptom cause solution

Our unique approach identifies gaps and opportunities in current operations., pinpoints the cause of stagnation, and develops a success formula specific to your dental practice based on custom practice analytics

We plug ourselves into your dental operations to create digestible and action-oriented reporting based on analytics and data that highlights areas of increased return and efficiency. This gives you the confidence that your efforts and energy are focused on the areas within your dental practice that will provide the highest ROI.

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Increase in profitability

Graph going down

Decrease in overhead

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Fewer clinical days worked per week

*Client average in the first 9 months working with Custom Practice Analytics

Start with Awareness

Simply put—we’ll interpret the numbers and bridge the gap between current state and desired state. Then we’ll provide action planning, coaching, and takeaways for you to start the process in motion. Through this monthly cadence you’ll gain confidence that you are not only in-tune with your numbers each month but understand the story they are telling you and the actions they require.

Reporting Only

Plan Includes:

  • Access to DIY reporting
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • One onboarding coaching call
  • Access to our video vault


Plan Includes:

  • Everything included in the Dental Reporting tier
  • Monthly group calls with Jake

Reporting+ Premier

Plan Includes:

  • Everything included in the Reporting+ tier
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching calls
  • Direct email and text access to Jake

One-Time Analysis

Plan Includes:

  • Analysis of your practice
  • Practice valuation
  • One 40-minute coaching call

Proven Success from a Proven Practice

Custom Practice Analytics uses a model that changes with the dental industry and is focused on supporting the modern dental practice owner. Jake Conway and his team have been working for over 10 years in the dental industry. They have helped over 750 dental practices by analyzing and reporting their operational numbers, providing personal one-on-one coaching.

Custom Practice Analytics Partners

Benjamin M. Kacos DMD, MICOI

I have been a client of Custom Practice Analytic and Jake Conway for 5+ years. The easy to digest information provided by them plays a critical role in the operation of our business. We look to Jake and his reporting before making any decisions i.e. equipment purchases, hiring, marketing budgets. The reports keep my entire team abreast of our performance and accountable.

K. Pat Brown, DDS

Jake Conway's unparalleled insight into dental analytics has been the cornerstone of my current success as a dental business owner. In the past, I felt I was a successful dentist but a failure as a dental business owner. With Jake's help my profitability has far exceeded what I thought was possible. Where as all of Jake's predecessors in the dental analytics world have only observed, accepted and reported their findings, Jake is constantly disrupting the status quo. Over the past 9 years that I have worked with Jake, he has continually found ways to drive down my overhead and alerted me as to metrics within the practice triggering expansion opportunities. His genius is in how he collates and transfers so much data into a simple digestible format that even a dumb ass like me can understand.

Dr. Summer Kassmel

I never realized how impactful fully understanding my numbers would be to the overall health of my dental offices. I don't make decisions based on feelings anymore, including raises, bonuses, marketing costs, or purchasing new technology. Jake has always been patient in teaching what each number means and what I can do to improve our overall profitability. He thoroughly understands the nuances of dental offices, staffing issues, and team dynamics and helps guide business owners to increased financial health as well as improved personal well being. Jake has been a huge factor in my business' financial growth and my own financial freedom.

Jake Conway & custom practice analytics have had a profound impact on the trajectory and profitability of our dental practice. Jake is an incredibly talented and informed coach and he provides extremely valuable insights to hundreds of dental practices. I have utilized several different analytics platforms and I can confidently say Jake’s reports are the only ones I need to make. Sound financial decisions for my business. Jake has taught me that rather than getting caught up with mountains of data, we are often better served looking at the story that certain numbers tell us. Eventually, when we understand the analytics of our practice well enough, we then become aware of the handful of important KPIs for our practice. Jake has helped me identify these numbers and make the necessary tweaks to improve our practice's overhead, profitability, and overall experience.

Dr. Chris Green

We have been working with Jake for the last 2 ½ years and his services have been invaluable! Every month there are new insights for how we can better our practice and specific tools on how to achieve all of our goals. I would recommend him without any hesitation!

Leigh Compton - Office Manager at Zastrow Dental

Working with Jake has helped me push past my boundaries thereby exceeding my goals. He continues to amaze me by diagnosing and solving problems I didn’t even realize I had. There is no doubt in my mind that Jake can elevate anyone’s dental office.

Dr. Erin Wolfson

Custom Practice Analytics has been such a huge asset to me and my dental practice. I've been using this system and Jake's Conway's expertise for 8 years now and he continues to always be essential to my practice. From hiring more staff, buying big equipment, or figuring out wages for staff, this company always has the information so you're not just making a random decision, you're making an informed decision. With the exposure this company has to hundreds of other clients, their information and insight is always relevant and at the cutting edge of other dental practices across the nation. I could not have grown, bought our own building, or made the changes we've made without them.

Dr. Justin Schmidt